Monday, February 12, 2007

Doing Your Stuff For The Planet

This is from the web site of "A Love Supreme" which is the independent and prize winning fanzine of the Sunderland Football Team. It refers to Roy Keane who is Sunderland's Manager.

Eco Warrior - Keano Keen On Planet

The gaffer has spoken out about the planet. Yes honest. He's not only a mint manager, he's politically correct too and he loves Bob Dylan. I think I'll invite him round for tea. The boss man said "I like to cycle round and walk as much as I can. I'm all for saving the planet. You have to do all of that stuff. I'm constantly walking round the house turning lights off, although sometimes the kids are still doing their homework and they complain about that. But I am into all that. We recycle our papers, whatever we can do. Maybe a few years ago I wasn't but as you get older and more mature, maybe you think you've got to do your bit for the planet, because if everyone does their bit, it makes a hell of a difference

Philosophical Backing

As the philosopher Sidney Hook said in "Moral Freedom in a Determined World" (Commentary 1958) -

"what we can make different, we are responsible for".


bangde111111 said...
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Harry Barnes said...

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kris said...

You see Harry, I told you our Roy is more than a pretty face!