Monday, February 26, 2007

I Don't Belieeeve It !

I have just discovered that (within a fortnight) I am the same age as Victor Meldrew - the actor, Richard Wilson.

He first performed in "One Foot in the Grave" in 1990, when we were both youngsters of 53. The final performance was for Comic Relief when were were both 64.

This means that the whole of the series tucked easily into the period when I was an M.P. Some would say I have been a grumpy old man (well I have been faced with New Labour) - and that the 70th Birthday photo of mine on my profile looks like a Victor Meldrew trying to smile.

Furthermore, at 70 Richard Wilson does press ups each day and still plays squash. He should be careful at our age. I will stick with the unhealthy habit of blogging. At least, it gives adequate scope for complaining.

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