Monday, September 05, 2011

Three Week's To Save The Labour Party - From Zero Democracy

It seems that the blame for Labour's heavy electoral defeat has at last been determined. It was not the fault of New Labour nor of its leadership - nor even of the economic collapse. The fault rested clearly on the persistent failures of the activists amongst its membership. After all they attended closed local meetings. They told delegates to Constituency Meetings what to do. They organised all that unsuccessful local electoral activity. And they went out on the doorstep and frightened the public.

As it is impossible to get those who attend Labour Party Branch Meetings to mend their ways, it would clearly be counter-productive to ask them to agree with the reforms which are necessary to transform the current state of affairs. So instead, the necessary changes will only be unveiled within the next three weeks and just prior to the coming Labour Party Conference. This gives a chance for the Party Structure to be transformed in one fell swoop on a take-it-or-leave it basis. For as a Labour Party spokesperson said to the Guardian "We want to give more influence to party members" but only "if they open up". This is to be done (a) by training and drafting in some three or four constituency organisers to each Constituency Labour Party, (b) under the guidance of the body "Movement for Change" (which most of these non with-it, individual Labour Party card carrying members aren't even aware exists), (c) opening up Branch meetings to non-members and (d) getting all Labour Candidates to sign bits of paper to say that they will be good boys and girls if they get elected.

There is only one danger about this reform package not winning the day. The Guardian has revealed what is happening to all those Guardian reading geeks who go to Labour Party Branch Meetings. They have suddenly been alerted to the fact that they now have three weeks to mobilise to stop such changes. And what is left of inner-party democracy within the Labour Party could now turn very nasty - I hope.

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