Thursday, September 22, 2011

From "Dronfield Blather" on Labour's Conference

Labour's Conference Agenda

The BBC has published this agenda for the Labour Party Conference.

The three consultations which we have been trying to track on Dronfield Blather will be dealt with under the following brisk timetable.

14.00 Sunday 25th September - Conferences Opens. Then after the normal wide range of introductory sessions, Lim Bryne will give a Report about the Policy Review - this was our submission. Then as the final item of the day Peter Hain will Report on the two other Consultations on which decisions are likely to be made (1) The National Policy Forum Report and (2) Refounding Labour - this thread trawls back on these (logically you need to start at the end and work your way back to the top.) There will probably later be a single card vote to push these two through. That is virtually it comrades. Then at 16.15 on Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th; there will be a set of brief Policy Seminars. The final one ends at 17.00, but we are not told how long the others last. These will probably relate to the areas covered in Lim Bryne's Sunday Report.

That is all. Now you see it. Now you don't.

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Robert said...

I think Miliband looks and sounds like a rich kid trying to win a bet for a gallon of champers at one of those rich tea parties, he's not for sure a Nye Bevan or even a Wilson or a John Smith. These days if you do not look or sound like a Blair your not going to win.

Labour has basically taken over the old position of the Whigs, they are the party of the Hard working families and the squeezed middle, who are just as easy to vote Tory, and actually only voted Labour because Blair was more Thatcher then Thatcher.

I think Labour made a mistake it attacked the poorest in society, he attacked the sick and the disabled if you of course believe they are all cheats then sadly I will be wrong. Pensioners have now fallen off Labours radar.

He has stated today that he will drop the students fee to £6000, sadly it's free in Scotland and only £3000 in Wales mate so your still going to be to much for students, tell you how to win, it will only cost two billion a drop in the ocean or even lets see six Nuke missiles.

End tuition fee's , and the student will be back.

I think the next four years will see labour and the Tories fight tooth and nail over the so called Tory swing voters. and the winners will be the Tories who are in power and like it or not will be able to give out more.