Monday, June 01, 2009

One Of The Efforts For Change In Iran

See Azarmehr and his video link.


Coventrian said...

Potkin Azarmehr is a Monarchist who wants to reinstate the Shah and who openly embraces racists and fascists

photo evidence here

Harry Barnes said...

Coventrian : From the video, which of these are you opposed to?

Protection of our Civil Rights
- Help for the Deprived
- Kid pushes away the box of charity handouts and lifts the poster which says 'Nationalisation of Oil Income'
- Reducing tensions in the global arena
- Free access to information
- Protection of women who are supporting their families
- Condemnation of domestic violence against women
- Education for all
- Improving public safety and security
- Rights for religious and ethnic minorities
- Support for NGOs
- Public participation

Then the posters say, 'We have come for change' followed by 'Change for Iran'.