Sunday, May 31, 2009

The NUM On The BNP

Here is a free, special edition of the NUM journal "The Miner" which no-one should miss.


Марко Фризия said...

The Republican Party is the American cousin of the BNP. Both organizations need to be stopped by voters.

John said...

Harry Thanks for posting this, it reminded me how proud I am to have always been an NUM loyalist.It is without doubt the greatest piece of election material I have ever seen. I was so impressed I dashed of to NUM HQ and picked up a box to distribute. This also shows I dont just read your blog for the football!
John Dunn

Harry Barnes said...

Cheers John,

You will also have noticed that the major domestic political issue of the past 28 days has not yet been mentioned on this blog. I have been keeping my powder dry. For one thing certain matters will finally emerge in the political autobiography I am writing. But that will take some time. I have so far written 33,000 words and I am only up to setting off to do my National Service in Iraq in 1954. There should, however, be a salvo within the next fortnight.