Sunday, February 08, 2009

Iraqi Democracy?

This is the start of Jim Muir's report this morning for the BBC from Baghdad.

History may look back on the provincial elections held on the last day of January this year and see them as the point at which it could be said that Iraq had turned a corner and was heading towards a stable, democratic future.

Here is the rest of report. Let us hope he is correct.


Phil said...

Indeed, Harry. The Iraqi state needs legitimacy and it's beginning to look as though it might have finally banked some.

Harry Barnes said...

Phil BC : I have added your blog to my links. It is at the bottom of these at the moment, but when I get round to sorting things out alphabetically you will come second to the one and only "A Love Supreme".

jailhouselawyer said...

Harry: "Today was special voting day. Prisoners with a term of five years or less, hospital employees and security forces went to the polls on Wednesday in advance of Saturday's provincial elections in Iraq" (Baghdad Observer).

Why are you flying a balloon in your profile pic instead of a kite? Do you recall what George Howarth said to you when you suggested that the franchise should be extended to all convicted prisoners?

If you are still mentally agile, can you email me via my blogger profile email link?

Harry Barnes said...

Jailhouselawyer: Done.