Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Iraq Today And Tomorrow

Here is an interesting and well research item on the way forward in Iraq taken from the other "Harry's Place". It also supplies valuable links to over 20 serious bloggers concerned about Iraq.

Crudely put his thesis is that action has to be directed to protecting and aiding the Iraqi public, whilst kicking terrorist activity up the bum and providing openings for those of its leaders who aren't brain dead to enter the political nation as the only feasible way of continuing to try and pursue their ends. It sounds familiar and could get us to a (perhaps unwritten) Baghdad or Basra equivalent of the Belfast Agreement. See, for instance, my "Iraq's Gerry Adams?" - i.e. Muqtada Al-Sadr (above).


Anand said...

Thanks for plugging my friend Bruno Mota. He is very knowledgable about the ISF and ANSF:

Please join our discussions at Mojo more often. I have also told you that you should please feel free to ask any questions you want regarding the ISF. I like this graphic:

11 out of 18 provinces are PIC. 4 more provinces are near de facto PIC.

Only Baghdad, Diyala and Salahadin need substantial MNC-I combat troop back up.

Are you impressed with the quality of the IA?

Harry Barnes said...

Anand : As I have another project on at the moment, I need to blog less often, not more.