Thursday, September 06, 2007

Spreading The Word

I would encourage anyone attending the TUC Conference next week to call in at this Fringe Meeting entitled "Solidarity With Iraqi Workers". I was with five out of the six people on the platform on a memorable visit to Iraqi Kurdistan last year.

I will be making my own contribution on the topic to the men and women of Harlech this week-end, when ex-Coleg Harlech students assemble for their annual get-together.

It is 40 years since I went to the College to participate in a Summer School. Over the years I have, however, written many references for Adult Students who went on to study at the College. Most of these were Derbyshire and Yorkshire Miners. Although like myself via full-time studies at Ruskin College, many of them then moved into areas of work that made use of the qualifications they obtained.

I dislike just repeating a talk I have given. So I have come up with a fresh analytic framework for the type of material I have regularly posted on this blog. I hope that it makes sense to the listeners, so that they will then be able to become contributors in our discussions.

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