Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Iraq : Which Troops Should Get Out?

The article I posted in July on Iraqi Trade Unions was subsequently covered in Harry's Place and this led to a lengthy debate in its comment box. As a consequence of the debate and under pointed questioning, I came to clarify my position about whether to have foreign troops in Iraq.

I argued (a) for the removal of mercenaries and (b) the replacement of Coalition forces by troops from Islamic nations (other than the nations surrounding Iraq). On the later it needs to be remembered that more than half of the world's Muslims forces live in South and South East Asia; whilst Islam is the world's second largest religion and isn't dominated by political extremists.

Since I represented my case the urgent need for point (a) has been furthered by the Blackwater's disgraceful operations in Iraq. I then dealt with this matter here, here, here, here, and here. The case for the replacement of American troops (in particular) is now advanced HERE. For such acts are in the style of Blackwater themselves.

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