Monday, September 03, 2007

Congratulations To Yasmin

Yasmin Qureshi has won the Labour nomination for Bolton South East, where Brian Iddon is standing down at the General Election. Brian has been a fine MP and I know that Yasmin is a worthy successor.

I first heard her speak when she was seeking the nomination in North East Derbyshire, when I had announced my own retirement. I was impressed and was more than happy to give her support later at a fund raising event when she became the Candidate for Brent East for the 2005 election.

As a Barrister she is the Human Rights Adviser to the Greater London Authority. She is now working hard in Bolton and is well known in the local Party. She is obviously committed fully to her new brief. I know that she will make a fine MP.


Bob Harper said...

Harry, thanks for posting this - good to hear about Yasmin's success. Any news on the other candidates (except Natasha!)

Harry Barnes said...

Bob: Excuse the delay in responding. Ann and I had a couple of days in London and a visit to the Proms.

Yasmin rang to tell me of her success, although I already knew.

Bob Wareing at Liverpool (Derby West) and Frank Cook at Stockton North both failed to obtain automatic re-selection. The problem will be their ages. I don't know when the selections take place. One of Bob challengers is Stephen Twigg. Whilst Norma Stephenson is expected to be Frank's main challenger. She is Unison President and was with our group on the visit to Iraqi Kurdistan and will be addressing a Labour Friends of Iraq meeting at the TUC fringe. On the item posted before this one, I give details of Easington's selection of Grahame Morris. He originates from the Colliery and is a committed Sunderland supporter. What more can you ask for? A good link on Labour selections is -

I am Dronfield's delegate to the GC and I am nominated for the post of Political Education Officer. If we ever meet again, I will have to ask for a job description!