Monday, April 19, 2010

Electoral Confusion - Iraqi Style

The Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki has been successful over his challenge to the Iraqi Election Results which had given Allawi's Iraqi National Movement a lead of two seats over his own State of Law Coalition. The votes were initially counted electronically, but now the Iraqi Electoral Commission have ordered a manual recount of votes that were cast in Baghdad which was an area of Maliki's strength. No recounts are to take place in the other regions of Iraq.

There are also claims that up to $4 million of counterfeit US currency was used in the run up to the election. The finger is pointed at Iran, with the money being seen as being used to aid the Islamic Supreme Conference and the Sadrists who (in competition with Prime Minister Maliki) combined to take 70 seats from the votes they obtained in mainly Shia territory.


jailhouselawyer said...

Harry: Did you know that the US and UK allowed Iraqi prisoners to vote as it helps democracy?

Given that both States deny their own prisoners the vote only shows hypocrisy!

Harry Barnes said...

Jailhouselawyer : A recent report by the Electoral Commission shows that the USA only have 68% of those entitled to vote on the register - without taking into account others who should be entitled. There was late registration until 20 April for our General Election here. But it looks as if some 3 million of those entitled to be registered are missing. Electoral Reform is likely to be on the agenda after the General Election in the shape of fancy franchises. But that will give scope to press for both a fuller and fairer franchise. When the results are in I will look out for MPs from different parties who can be approached on these matters.