Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Craig Murray : Not To Be Missed

Craig Murray former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan and author of the outstanding Murder In Samarkand gave crucial evidence earlier today to Parliament's Joint Committee on Human Rights about the UK Government's complicity in torture. The interview appears here on the parliamentary video. If it has disappeared from the parliamentary slot go instead to You Tube here, where it appears in seven parts. It is not to be missed. His question and answer session lasts for almost an hour. Then click into Craig Murray's website here and then into my link below.

UPDATE 29 APRIL - See here also.


Craig said...


Thank you. I am quitsriously perplexed by the lack of any newspaper coverage. Absolutely none at all. I really don't understand it.


Harry Barnes said...

Craig : I have recommended the video of your session to Johann Hari by email and to Oliver Kamm via his Blog. I suppose that Kamm might always attack you, but that might stimulate an interest. There is something else I am trying to wrap up at the moment, but I will try some other avenues later. A Commons EDM might help if I can find someone who is still a comrade.

calgacus said...

Good to see this. I suspect it's not got much coverage because the BBC was purged for getting its facts basically right as opposed to taking the government line, while most of the papers' owners have deals with the leaders of one or other of the two big parties - and the tory leadership is as keen as the Labour leadership to shadow the US on foreign policy. Could be wrong though and they've just not got round to it yet. One of Harry's links is from a report on the BBC website so it's getting some coverage.