Sunday, July 15, 2007

Part 1: Key Facts About Iraq

There are certain basic facts we need to know about Iraq before we can decide what policies our Government should now follow. These include -

1. Who the groups are who are involved in its mosaic of terrorism and why.

2. The political divisions which operate between, within and across its ethnic divisions.

3. The make-up of Iraqi and Coalition security forces and how they are influenced.

4. The significance of the private security provisions.

5. Economic, social and refugee problems and measures to seek to deal with these.

6. The actions and interests of each of its six neighbouring nations.

7. The involvement and potential of international agencies and voluntary bodies.

But how do we obtain handy and up-to-date information on these? Try a 50 page section entitled "The Situation In Iraq" which was published only yesterday in the report of The Iraq Commission. It set the scene for their own recommendations.

Why not read the factors they stress before making you own mind up on what is needed?


The Commission's Report was published on this 49th Birthday.

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