Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Iranian Trade Union Leader Abducted

The Iranian Trade Union Leader, Mansour Osanloo has been beaten and abducted in Tehran seemingly by a government agency. He is President of the Bus Workers' Syndicate of Tehran. The TUC has made these representations on his behalf.

Protests to British and Iranian Authorities would be welcome. People can also press their local MP, Labour Party, Amnesty Group and Trade Union on the issue.


mrs k said...

Have pressed my local MP, Dave Anderson, he ex-trade unionist. Awaiting response.

Harry Barnes said...

I know Dave well. I went to Iraqi Kurdistan with him and others last year. I moved from the post of Joint President of Labour Friends of Iraq (to Vice-President) to allow him to take my place as a sitting MP. Hopefully, he will respond positively.

mrs k said...

You were not wrong Harry, he got straight back to me and told me he had alerted his President and also asked for more information.

I directed him to your site.