Sunday, February 26, 2017

Former Coal Mining and Fracking Dangers


There is an important article (click here) written by Steven Kershaw when he was Head of Research and Development at the Coal Authority which shows the potential dangers of living in an area that has had a history of coal mining. To see if you live in such an area and are close to former mine workings, then you also need to examine the Coal Authorities Interactive Map - click here. Place your post code in the box in the top left hand corner (if this does not work then click onto the map near your own area). Also use the links in the top right hand corner to see if there have been any former coal mining within the vicinity of your home or in areas such as your childrens' school. Even if you find nothing in your immediate vicinity, look for areas of "probable workings", for there is a limit to what the Coal Authority has discovered about historical matters - some being ancient.  

In making a submission to your relevant Planning Authority opposing an application by, say, INEOS  to engage in an exploratory vertical investigations for the discovery of shale gas (normally linked to past and remaining coal seams), then any adverse material revealed from your examination of the above links needs to be stressed.

The article by Steven Kershaw was written back in 22 July 2014 and he has now retired. This means that a box for your comments which appears at the close of the article no longer works. But if you are in need of a response from the Coal Authority (or have information for them), then you can contact them at

Further details about the Coal Authority itself can be found via this link.  

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