Saturday, May 16, 2015

"Manifestos Of Intent" Needed From Labour's Leadership Candidates

My local Constituency Labour Party is having the following resolution submitted to it by one of its branches. If it is carried, it will be sent to the National Executive Committee (NEC) for its consideration. Others might like to press this matter via similar avenues.

Candidates for the position of Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party shall be required to issue "Manifestos Of Intent" of no less than 3,000 words to explain the programme that they would like the Labour Party to pursue and that these documents should be circulated to members of the Labour Party to help them determine how they will vote in the coming contests.

The following link was the result of efforts by our local Labour Party Discussion Group to obtain "Manifestos Of Intent" back in 2010. This (as you will see) achieved some success. But this was done late in the day and in an informal way. This time we need the NEC to arrange for such Manifestos to be issued systematically and in a  prominent fashion. Click into this link for the 2010 versions.

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