Friday, December 16, 2011

Chartism and the Suffragettes

The Suffragettes and the Chartists shown on these two photographs were involved in mass campaigns which finally led on to a full franchise in the United Kingdom. But the electoral register has now been seriously corrupted. The Electoral Commission's latest report shows that no less than six million people are currently missing from our electoral registers: 17.7 per cent of the eligable electorate. It is a democratic disgrace - and has been gathering momentum for well over 20 years - boosted under the operation of the Poll Tax. We need to force this issue to the top of the political agenda. A combination of modern Chartists and Suffragettes would help. (Also see the links here.)


Coventrian said...

Hi Harry

Since 1st of July just one post on the Labour Friends of Iraq website.

Not a word about the American withdrawal or Maliki's arrest warrant for Tariq al-Hashemi.

I'm glad I don't have friends like you lot.


Have you found out how much Gary Kent gets paid for doing PR for Maliki and the corrupt Kurdish regime?

Harry Barnes said...

Coventrian : A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you also.