Monday, December 01, 2008

Act Immediately - Updates

UPDATE 1 DECEMBER : See Labour Start, link to 28 November.

INITIALLY POSTED 26 NOVEMBER : Iranian Trade Unionist Farzad Kamanger is to be executed today - your urgent help is needed to attempt to prevent this. See here.

Further information here and here.

NOTE - 27 NOVEMBER : News is still awaited about the intended execution. Unfortunately 10 other executions took place yesterday, but Farzad may still be alive.

NOTE - 28 NOVEMBER : Farzad is still alive, but remains under death sentence. Nationally and internationally Labour, Trade Union and Human Rights Organisations are pressing the Iranian authorities in efforts to protect Farzad. Your support is still needed via the early links.

FURTHER UPDATE - 1 DECEMBER : Press TV, the Iranian state-funded station has today started broadcasting on Sky on Channel 515. If anyone comes across any mention of Farzad Kamanger (in say a question which manages to find its way onto the George Galloway programme), please let me know. Or even if this case makes main- line British TV.


Frank Partisan said...

The next Iranian revolution will be secular.

Harry Barnes said...

Renegade Eye : Yes, even though some revolutions are staged over time. Like your links to Frida Kahlo on 26 November.

Frank Partisan said...

Blogrolling was recently hacked. When it's fixed, I'll link back to this blog.


سحاب Sahab said...

Harry Barnes said...

The author of the item posted above at 8.44 pm on 7 December has a tag which appears in Arabic.Unfortunately I can't translate it. This Arabic link shows that this person is from Baghdad and runs two blogs entitled "Amriya Shelter" and "Jadriya Bunker" which will interest anyone (like myself) who has a concern for Iraq. However, the link he supplies - - is to a fundamentalist Christian site which I find to be of much less interest. But it is good again to be contacted by someone from Baghdad. I will add an "Iraq" label to the item heading this thread should our friend from Baghdad wish to examine what I have been up to.