Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prioritising Peccadilloes

I fulfilled my commitment (made in the thread below this one) by keeping away from blogging for 24 days.

In any case, little happened in my absence apart from (1) the collapse of capitalism, (2) Gordon Brown's moving from zero to hero, (3) Barack Obama surging ahead in the race for the White House and (4) Sheffield FC winning two FA Cup Qualifying Games. Rather more important was my wife's birthday.

Over the time of my absence, I undertook a detailed study of the 121 Reports I had issued to the General Commmittee of the North East Derbyshire Labour Party in my 18 years as their MP - along with associated Hansard extracts and newspaper cuttings.

I made a lengthy analysis of all this stuff.

But I pushed it all to one side for the meeting I addressed in Dronfield yesterday evening which was entitled "That Was Parliament That Was". Instead I concentrated on the politicians' peccadilloes which I had observed during my 18 years in the Palace of Varieties.

The turgid stuff is intended for a book I am writing. On the other hand, if I am looking for a commercial success then perhaps I should stick with the peccadilloes.


Bob Harper said...

welcome back to blogland Harry.

peezedtee said...

"little happened in my absence apart from (1) the collapse of capitalism,"

Ha ha! Or ROFLMAO, as I believe young people say nowadays.

Harry Barnes said...

Bob : Cheers. I think that your blog is a facility and can't be accessed. That is something you have in common with John Dunn! I'm trying to cut down to 2 or 3 posts a week.

Peezedtee : after checking your blog I have corrected my spelling of Mendelssohn, which (apart from "politics") is the only interest we list in common!

The Plump said...

Bravo! Good to have you back. Blogging is a harmless addiction as addictions go.

Harry Barnes said...

The Plump : Cheers, but I appear to be slowing up.

peezedtee said...

Harry, my list of interests is not exhaustive! I also share your interest in philosophy and your liking for The 39 Steps, the Lady Vanishes, Singin' in the Rain, The Importance of Being Earnest, Chopin, and Beethoven.
We shall have to agree to differ about Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Joan Baez!
Sorry for the lateness of this reply.

Anonymous said...


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