Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Campaigning To Free Osanloo

Following on from the item I posted immediately below this one, I present the e-mail which the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITW) are circulating to enable us to assist in this campaign. See the important links I provide.

Dear Friends,

Please find attached our "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" of our campaign.It is designed to be a four-page A5 leaflet. (Note: I don't have the technical skills to display this attachment, but see pages 10 to 14 here from the ITW which covers Osanloo's plight. HB)

I hope you will find it useful; for yourself as well as for wider distribution.

We plan to translate this into the following languages.
French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Thai, Bahasa, Japanese and Korean.

They will be posted on our campaign page. Or you can email the ITF with the request. And if you have a request for another language, feel free to contact us as well.

We welcome your feedback on this publication as well as our campaign in general.

Yours in solidarity

Mac Urata

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