Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Death In Iraq

There are indications that civilian killings in Iraq decreased by 50% in September. Yet it still reached a figure of 844, plus 78 police officers and Iraqi soldiers. Some 70 Coalition troops also lost their lives. Such deaths are currently down to "only" 30 a day.

The hideous methods used in murdering people is shown here for terrorists (but note the warning) and for mercenaries here.

On the Congressional investigation into the Blackwater Security Company, see here.


mrs k said...


I wanted you to see the para below

'The Torah, the Bible, the Koran.

Each offers a recipe for spiritual contentment, for hope, for love, and for controlling basic human passions, and each claims to have gotten the recipe straight from God, but via a different messenger. They're all just trying to provide a formula for orderly, spiritual living, but somehow the message gets twisted, like cells in a body turning cancerous. Self-appointed spokesmen declare boundaries of correct belief, outsiders are labeled heretics, and the faithful are called upon to attack them.

I don't think it was meant to be that way.'

(Para from Cross bones, published 2005 by Kate Reichs).

Harry Barnes said...

Mrs K; On Islam, I found "The No-Nonsense Guide to Islam" by Ziauddin Sadar and Merryl Wyn Davies (New Internationalist, 2004))to be readable, informative and good on the pro and cons.