Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Shortest Campaign In The History of the Blogosphere?

At 2.53pm yesterday, I posted this item in which I finally came out in support of John McDonnell's campaign for the Leadership of the Labour Party. The Labour Party then revealed that by 6pm, John had only received 27 nominations and still required a further 18 to qualify as a candidate - almost 40% of the few who had not been through the procedure.

So unless rabbit's are about to be pulled out of hats, John's campaign has bitten the dust. If he pulls out of the contest now in favour of Michael Meacher, then I will not join in. Michael has no credibility or emotional appeal for me.

So it is looking as if I will be returning to my normal state of the pessimism of the intellect after just over a 3 hour bout of the optimism of the will.


Archie said...

There is still time to bother, lobby and beg the undecided

Harry Barnes said...


I am doing little else.

Harry Barnes said...


I can't manage to get into your comment box. But MPs often have their own web-sites which give alternative e-mail addresses to the standard "@parliament" ones which may require the Commons to forward them on. e.g.-
You may need to google for these.