Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lembit's Curse

Back in January I posted what was intended to be a satirical article on the love life of Lembit Opik, the Lib Derm MP. In it I called him "Lemsip Optrex". This has now rebounded upon me.

My wife and I met Lembit in the Commons recently at a reception and discussed the questions my article had raised. It was all very civilised and light-hearted.

I have now developed a heavy cold and running eyes. So what do I have to take to handle the situation, but the regular medical treatments of Lemsip and Optrex?

There are two consequences which follow. First I will have to stop making fun of Lib Dems (although that is a very difficult commitment to live up to) in case they silently curse me. Secondly, until the Lemsip and Optrex work their magic my blogging might be thin and even more bemused than usual.

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