Thursday, January 18, 2007

Falling Standards

The Committee on Standards in Public Life have not updated their web-site on publications since 28 November. What sort of public standard are they setting?

They are expected to publish a key report on serious failures by the Electoral Commission sometime today. I hope that this goes straight onto their web-site.

My interest in the Electoral Commission's failure to tackle the mess electoral registers have got into should be clear from the last item I posted on this blog.

Is it acceptable for the Standards Committee to have its report trawled by Newsnight last night and in today's press, whilst the report is not available for the very public it is supposed to be acting for?

If we have to set up a Standards Committee to investigate the standards of the Standards Committee, where will this ever end?


Thanks to help from Sir Alistair Graham's Office at the Standards Office, I have now (3 p.m.) gained access to the Report. When I last looked, it was only on the news page and not yet listed as a publication. Here is the link to the full Report.

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